Xamarin.Forms Tools : XAML Previewers

Xamarin.Forms Tools : XAML Previewers

Initially when Xamarin.Forms were released the biggest challenge in developing the mobile application was to develop its UI as there were no drag and drop designers available for it like storyboard designer for iOS or Android designer but soon this issue was solved by many Xamarin previewers launch by many third party providers and recently by Microsoft also. This article will list down some popular XAML previewers currently present in market

  1. Gorilla Player :  This is the first and oldest XAML previewer which came in market And it still going strong.
  2. UI Sleuth : This was released along with Gorilla player and is a very good XAML previewer and debugging tool for xamarin forms..
  3. Live XAML : Came to know about this review by this detailed blog from Jim Bennett, this is also a very good xaml previewer for xamarin forms but this one is paid
  4. Xamarin Live Player : This one is from the owner of Xamarin.Forms (Microsoft). It is still in preview but works like charm.

So these are the Xamarin forms XAML previewers currently available in market, which one to use depends on yours personal and organizational requirements. I personally use Xamarin live player and Gorilla player (where Xamarin player doesn’t works like old iPad with iOS 10). Let me know if I has missed anything or have any suggestions/concerns/queries.

🙂 🙂 Happy Previewing 🙂 🙂

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