Relaunching My Blog After a 16 Months

Hello everyone It has been over a year since I last wrote anything on my blog!  a lot has changed since I last blogged for example :

  • When I last blogged, the stable version of Xamarin.Forms 3.0 was just release along with preview version of Xamarin.Forms.Platform.WPF (I know its still in preview ) Where as current Xamarin.Forms version is 4.0
  • Xamarin Previewer had a lot of bugs, It still has a few issues here and there, but now we have a new toy Hot Reload to play and we are happy with it.
  • Blazor was an experimental product, now it has been promoted to preview and a lot of people (Including me) are betting a lot on it.
  • Flutter was in beta where as not it has grown as full fledged competition to Xamarin.Forms.

and much more however today, I want to focus on something else, something related to me which you have very well guessed from the title  ?? I’m re-launching my blog! yayyy.

Why I Changed The Way My Blog Looks

I guess the main answer I have for this is that, I wanted something built by myself and of course cheaper. Earlier I was using a managed WordPress hosting provided by a popular hosting provider and each year when I renew the subscription it left a noticeable hole in my pocket, so this year I decided that let me take the command in my hand and create my own blog engine it was something I had been planning to do for a while and this year I decided to finally take action on it.

The Changes I’ve Made

Site Theme

As I am using a different technology and framework for this blog it made sense to use new theme.

My Logo

My logo, which you can see above, and social media pages were something I’d not really put much thought into. I didn’t know the importance of coming across as a brand when I first started blogging, and my logo clearly emphasised that. However, as I became more involved in the blogging community, I started to observe designs that I liked and didn’t like. After that, it was simply a matter of putting what I liked into action.

The Techie Show Podcast

This idea came into my mind after listening to many podcasts on google podcasts app, It all started with Mergeconflict podcast by my favourite James and Frank. I installed the podcast app to listen to MergeConflict and then Google being Google  started suggesting me podcasts after podcast and what I realised is that there is not a single podcast dedicated to Indian Techies so I decided to start my own where I will talk about challenges faced by me and other Indian developers along with the ways I have seen people known to me from Indian IT industry solving those problems. It will be a weekly Podcast coming every Monday from October 

What happened to my old articles

One of the biggest challenge with changing the blog engine is moving the articles from one engine to other. Even tough I took backup of all my articles while closing my Managed Wordpress account, I decided not to go into the hassle of bringing them on this site as I wanted a fresh start and also almost all my old articles are re-published on C-Sharpcorner and Codeproject.

What You Can Expect From My Blog Going Forward (a lot of .NET goodness)

I’m going to try and post most Saturday’s, but if I’m busy with some work or local event I will try to catch up next week and now I will not be limited to just Xamarin.Forms rather will be posting about all technologies related to C# & .Net like Blazor, UNO , ASP.Net Core and of course Xamarin.

Thanks for reading, and until next time, Keep Smiling and Progressing

S Ravi Kumar

Ravi is an experienced IT professional with over 15 years of IT services experience using Microsoft technologies including like ASP.Net, C#, .Net Core, Xamarin.Forms, Azure etc.

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